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Porcelain: A European Look for Your Custom Vanity Top

You’ve decided now is the time to update your bathroom. You’ve got the time to do it and you’ve established a budget. You’d love a natural stone vanity top, but it’s not in the budget.

Have you considered porcelain? Porcelain brings the beautiful look of natural stone to your bathroom without the hefty price tag of a natural stone. A porcelain vanity top will give your bathroom a touch of European elegance.

When we talk about porcelain as a work surface, it is different than your Grandma’s fancy porcelain dishes that are fragile and only get unpacked for use on special occasions.

The porcelain made for surfaces is hard, durable and has superior physical characteristics. It does not scratch or etch, it is heat- and stain-resistant, and Custom Vanity Top dot com’s Luxa Porcelain line is specially reinforced to be impact resistant.

In Europe they love the elegance of porcelain; it looks like natural stone, with many styles created to look like fine marble, but at a lower cost. It is often used for vanity tops.

The main difference between porcelain and other surfaces is the thickness. Porcelain offers a thinner, sleeker and more modern look. Standard porcelain surfaces are ½ inch thick; natural stone and quartz have two standard thicknesses, ¾ inch and 1 ¼ inch.

We encourage you to consider porcelain as a beautiful surface for your new custom vanity Top. Take a look at the Luxa Porcelain options we offer, and if they do not speak to you, rest assured we offer custom vanity tops in quartz including Hanstone and Quartzforms as well as Curava recycled glass surfaces and a large inventory of natural stone and quartz remnants.

We look forward to helping you transform a bathroom with a Custom Vanity Top. Get started today and customize a vanity top to meet exactly your taste and budget.

You may choose a touch of European elegance with a custom porcelain vanity top for your home.