Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly will I hear from someone after submitting my request for an in-home measurement appointment?
Within 24 hours of the submitted request.
How quickly will an appointment be scheduled after I submit my request?
Within 7 business days of submitting the request for an appointment.
What if I can't decide on a design yet? Can I still request an appointment?
Yes! We are happy to schedule an appointment and the technician will have samples to show you to help you make a decision.
What happens at the in-home measurement appointment?

This is a key step! Our technician will arrive with a fully stocked van so you can finalize your color choice. Additionally, the technician will take final measurements, confirm your color selection, finish, edges, side and backsplashes, confirm sink(s) and faucet hole specifications. At this appointment, all final requirements are defined including if you want a unique shape to your vanity. The technician will also assess any unique characteristics of the room to account for any space limitations that could affect installation.

How long after the measurements are completed will my custom vanity top be ready to be installed?
After the in-home measurement appointment, installation is typically scheduled within 2 weeks of the in-home measurement appointment.
When is payment due for my Custom Vanity Top?
Payment in full is processed at the time of ordering your Custom Vanity Top. We accept all major credit cards.
Why do I need to submit measurements if a professional technician will come and measure?
Measurements enable you to get an estimate of your custom vanity top and confirm affordability. Once an in-home appointment is requested online, the information provided is transmitted and available, so the technician has this information to refer to during the appointment. Any questions regarding the measurements taken can be easily answered.
I have an in-home measurement appointment scheduled and now I have to reschedule? What do I do?
We understand! Please call us at: (603) 921-9989 or email us as soon as possible so we can reschedule. We require advanced notice of more than 24 hours to avoid a charge.
What if I can’t be home for the scheduled installation?
The appointment will have to be rescheduled. Installations cannot be completed unless there is an agent over the age of 18 to inspect and sign for the installed custom vanity top. Installations not cancelled within 24 hours will result in a $75 reschedule fee. Please contact us as soon as possible to reschedule. Phone (603) 921-9989 or email us.
Can I return the Custom Vanity Top after the order is placed?
No, all sales are final as the custom vanity top has been custom designed to your specifications. If a material defect is discovered in the surface after installation, please contact customer service at (603) 921-9989 or by email.
What if I find damage after I have accepted installation of my Custom Vanity Top?
We strongly recommend that you fully inspect your custom vanity top prior to signing off on acceptance once installed. Any damage discovered should be reported immediately to the on-site technician. If you find an issue after installation, please first review our Warranty Information and if you still have questions, call us toll-free at (603) 921-9989 or email us.
What if I need something more customized?
Contact us toll-free at (603) 921-9989 or via email for more information.
When I order my custom vanity top what is included in the price?
The price includes the following: a custom vanity top, finish and edging to specifications, side and backsplashes, up to two sinks, plumbing holes, sink mounting and installation.
Does installation include plumbing services?
I only need one side splash and a backsplash. Does the price adjust accordingly?
Can I plan to install a vessel sink so the custom vanity top is delivered with the plumbing hole?
Custom vanity tops are only available with the under-mount sinks listed. Choosing to install customer supplied sink, including a vessel sink is an option. Please note, customer supplied sinks will need to be onsite at the time of the in-home measure. Please contact us toll-free at (603) 921-9989 or email us for more information.
Are faucets included?
No. You will need to purchase faucets separately.
Do I need to know what faucets I will be installing in order to place my order?
Yes. Faucet holes are drilled on site at the time of installation. However, having your new faucet available at the time of the in-home measurement appointment is necessary for the technician to note faucet type, hole spread and placement.
What kinds of sinks do you offer?
All sinks are undermount porcelain sinks by Alba.
What colors are available for the sinks?
Bisque or white.
What shapes are available for sinks?
Oval and rectangle.
When do I specify the sink I want?
At the time of the in-home measurement appointment, the technician will review and confirm all specifications related to your custom vanity top order including number of sinks, shape and color.
Which material is ideal for a vanity?
All materials available including remnants are suitable for a custom vanity top.
What thickness is recommended for a vanity top?
We offer options in thickness to suit your personal style and preferences.
What is the warranty on a Custom Vanity Top?
Please review our warranty information.
What is quartz?
Quartz is one of the hardest components of natural granite. Quartz rates seven out of 10 on Mohs Scale of Hardness. The only materials harder are diamonds, sapphires and topaz. Quartz crystals are used to manufacture a strong surface that is highly scratch and impact resistant.
What is HanStone Quartz?
HanStone Quartz is an engineered stone surface made with pure, natural quartz. Approximately 93% of HanStone Quartz is mined quartz crystals, one of nature's hardest materials. The quartz is combined with high-quality polyester resins and pigment to produce a natural stone without the maintenance of marble or granite.
What are the advantages of HanStone Quartz?
A high-performing surface, HanStone Quartz is nonporous preventing unwelcome germs, bacteria and mildew. It does not require sealing, conditioning and polishing. HanStone Quartz is also scratch and stain resistant unlike alternative surface options such as granite, tile and marble with up to six times the strength and durability of granite.
Is HanStone Quartz color consistent?
HanStone Quartz is made from pure, natural quartz. Variation in quartz, color, shape, shade, pattern and size are unique traits of HanStone Quartz. Although some HanStone Quartz colors may be more consistent than granite, color variance is an inherent trait expected of HanStone Quartz. In addition, small blotches or random distribution of particulates are an inherent part of overall design and composition and are not considered to be defects or product non- conformity.
Will the HanStone Quartz sample ordered match my Custom Vanity Top?
HanStone Quartz is composed of pure, natural quartz; as a result, variance in color, shade and pattern is an inherent trait expected of this product. Samples of HanStone Quartz are often shown in 4"x4" size or at times in 10"x10". These samples are cut from large HanStone Quartz slabs and only represent a limited portion of the actual stone. Please refer to samples only as a general indication of a particular color's design pattern, aesthetics, and hue. Samples are not guaranteed to be an exact replica of HanStone Quartz slabs and may vary from the actual, installed HanStone Quartz surface.
What is Curava?

Curava is a countertop surface made from recycled glass fragments, recycled seashell fragments (available in two colors), and natural quartz crystals within a polyester resin binder to produce a beautiful, environmentally friendly product.

Where do the recycled materials come from?
The glass has mainly two sources: broken bottles that would otherwise be thrown away into landfills and remnants from glass processing factories. These remnants look like small uneven bricks of cracked glass that are usually sent to a landfill because they are unusable.

The seashells are remnants of the button industry. Once buttons are punched from the natural seashells, the fragments are incorporated into both our Savaii and Lemongrass colors.

Will the Curava sample match my custom vanity top?
Curava samples are cut from large slabs and only represent a limited portion of the actual stone. Please refer to samples only as a general indication of a particular color's design pattern, aesthetics, and hue. Samples are not guaranteed to be an exact replica of Curava slabs and may vary from the actual, installed Curava surface.
What is Luxa porcelain?
Luxa Porcelain is made in Italy, by fabricators highly skilled in the process of creating the extra-large slabs required to create shower surrounds and countertops. Due to its proprietary support system, Luxa porcelain surfaces are extremely strong and durable.
Does the veining in Luxa extend through the surface?
The highly realistic stone patterns on Luxa porcelain slabs are created by imposing high definition photos of actual natural stone slabs onto the surface of the porcelain during manufacturing. Aesthetics are limited to the top of the porcelain and the veining does not extend through.
Will a Luxa sample match my Custom Vanity Top?
Luxa samples are cut from large slabs and only represent a limited portion of the actual stone. Please refer to samples only as a general indication of a particular color's design pattern, aesthetics, and hue. Samples are not guaranteed to be an exact replica of Luxa slabs and may vary from the actual, installed Luxa surface.
Are Quartzforms colors consistent?

Quartzforms is made by mixing pure quartz with inert bonding agents and pigments. Variation in quartz, color, shape, shade, pattern and size are unique traits of Quartzforms. Variances are not considered to be defects or product non-conformity.

Will the Quartzforms sample I order match my Custom Vanity Top?

Samples are intended to be a general indication of a particular color's design pattern, aesthetics and hue. Samples are not guaranteed to be an exact replica of Quartzforms slabs and may vary from the actual, installed Quartzforms surface.

Which quartz product line is better?

Both quartz lines offer high-quality and beautiful color choices. We offer both lines to offer you beautiful options to choose from to best fit your style and budget.

How do I take care of my new custom vanity top?
  • All material options are chemical resistant. For example, acetone will not harm the surface.
  • All material options have high heat resistance. This does not mean they are heat proof. Care should be taken with especially hot items including hot hair dryers and curling irons to not damage the surface.
  • It is not recommended to cut directly on the surface.
  • It is not recommended to leave water standing on the surface for long periods of time, e.g., under a soap dish. Leaving standing water over long periods of time may result in discoloration of the vanity top surface.
  • The custom vanity top should not be exposed to sustained temperatures exceeding 400 degrees F. (for Curava and Quartz 450 degrees)
  • Custom vanity top surfaces will not scratch, chip, or dull under normal use. However, like any material, excessive force or pressure from objects may result in damage to the surface.
  • NEVER stand on the vanity top. Always use a step stool to avoid unnecessary weight and force which could lead to product damage and/or personal injury.
  • For the two Curava colors made of seashells, Savaii and Lemongrass, their all- natural, calcium carbonate-based components may be altered by repeated exposure to acidic compounds such as vinegar. Repeated acidic exposure may result in etching, dulling, and roughing of the shell surface.
How do I clean my Custom Vanity Top?

Custom Vanity custom vanity surfaces should be cleaned using a mild cleaner.

Cleaning recommendations include:

  • Wipe the surface with warm water and mild soap, using a damp soft cloth or paper towel.
  • Make-up and hair-dye can be buffed with household cleansers.
  • If necessary, abrasive liquids or detergents are safe and effective for use with nylon scouring pads, sponges, Mr. Clean® Magic Eraser® or other similar products. Common household cleaners such as Formula 409® or Windex® may be used.
  • Mineral-stain removers may be used.
  • Do not use metal scouring pads.

Note: Formula 409® is a registered trademark of The Clorox Company and Windex® is a registered trademark of SC Johnson & Son.