Oh, the choices!

    It’s so exciting to design anything exactly as you want it.


    It’s especially exciting to custom design a solution when it is easy, affordable and convenient for you.

    We offer you beautiful and unique material choices, including Curava Recycled Glass and two quartz lines, HanStone and Quartzforms, in a variety of colors so you can select the perfect look to meet your style and budget.

    COVID-19 Update

    Due to COVID-19, we are flexible on how we will serve you. We offer online sessions for measurements and options or in-person installation or pickup. We engage in safe practices if and when visiting your home.

    Additionally, we offer the following discount:

    • Save 20% off list prices — includes delivery of your Custom Vanity Top and no installation.
    • Save 30% if you pick up your Custom Vanity Top at our Merrimack NH location and/or waives installation.

    What We Deliver

    With CustomVanityTop.Com, you get the full treatment of concierge services from taking final measurements to removal of your old vanity top and installation of your new custom vanity top.

    Custom Vanity Top with Dual Sinks and  a Backsplash
    Custom Vanity Top with no Backsplash or Sides


    A vanity top customized for you including shape, color, finish, edges, sides and backsplash.

    Note: Sides can also be included on all custom vanity tops at no additional cost.

    Sink openings, plumbing holes and selected undermount sinks

    At time of appointment, we will finalize the sink shape you desire (oval or rectangular) and color (bisque or white). All sinks are porcelain undermount.

    Optional: No plumbing holes or holes for a do-it-yourself vessel sink.

    Vanity top and undermount sinks are installed as part of installation.

    Plumbing is not included.

    Before You Get Started, Let’s Confirm We Serve Your Area
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    We serve you.

    It’s as Easy as 1, 2 and 3.

    To get started, simply follow the 3 steps below and we will take it from there!

    Step 1: Choose Your Look

    • Learn more about the material options
    • Explore the colors you like the most
    • Want to confirm affordability? Select a color and a running estimate of the cost will appear to help you choose one that meets your budget. We offer multiple pricing levels – $-$$$$. Please note that prices are subject to change without notice.
    Recycled Glass
    Thickness1.2cm (~1/2")3cm (~1 3/16)3cm (~1 3/16")
    Stain ResistanceHighHighHigh
    Scratch ResistanceHighHighHigh
    Abrasion ResistanceHighHighHigh
    Etching ResistanceHighHigh*High
    Interior / ExteriorBothInteriorInterior
    Care & MaintenanceEasy. No sealing requiredEasy. No sealing requiredEasy. No sealing required

    *Surfaces made with seashells are susceptible to etching over time.

    1A. Tell Us Your Approximate Vanity Width

    Please provide the desired width of your new vanity top.

    20 85

    Vanity Depth (inches)

    17 25

    Move the slider to your approximate width.

    Depth can be determined at the time of our measuring appointment as it does not affect the price.

    1B. Select a Color

    We also Offer natural stone and quartz remnants!

    In addition to our beautiful materials, search our large remnant inventory website for more choices including natural stones such as granite, marble and quartzite, to quartz remnants including Curava recycled glass.

    Get started in the REMNANTS tab below!

    Quality Natural Stone and Quartz Remnants

    Finally, it’s easy to find a quality remnant for your custom vanity top! We offer a large selection of quality remnants including natural stone such as granite, marble and quartzite and quartz remnants including Curava, a beautiful resin-based recycled glass surface. Ideal for a custom vanity top, our remnant inventory changes daily and is updated on the website weekly.

    You can search our large remnant inventory offered by our parent company, Merrimack Stone.

    Make note of the remnant NAMES and IDs for inputting in STEP 2 below.

    Samples are not available for remnants.

    Search Remnants

    Step 2: Finish the Numbers

    Answer a few questions to help us price your new vanity top.

    A: Select a Color

    Select a color from step 1 if you haven’t already to use as the basis for the quote, or if you’re interested in a remnant, input the ones you’re interested in.

    Search Remnants

    Running totals do not include remnant choices. Quotes for remnants are provided when we contact you after you’ve sent the form in STEP 3.

    B. Number of Sinks

    We have four types of sinks to choose from – oval, rectangular, white or bisque in two different sizes each.

     Only the number of sinks, not the type or color, determines cost. Each sink comes pre-installed undermount.

    C. Would you like us to remove and dispose of your old vanity top?

    Running Total

    Please enter a valid zip code to see a running total.

    Step 3 - Schedule an Appointment for an In-home Measurement

    COVID-19 Update

    We offer a choice. We will continue to do in-home measurements or if you prefer, we will set up an online meeting to assist you with measuring and ordering. Click "YES" below to provide your contact information.

    At the time of the appointment, a CustomVanityTop.com Professional Technician will come to your home and finalize the custom vanity top measurements and specifications. You can finalize your choices, a purchase order is provided, and your order can be placed that day!

    Are you ready for your final step?

    Click YES to provide your contact information and specifications and we will contact you within one business day to set up an appointment. (We will not sell your information and only use it to support our interactions directly with you. Please see our Privacy Policy.) If you are not ready but instead have a question or concern, please contact us.

    Yes, I am ready to get an in-home measurement appointment scheduled.

    By clicking SEND, all the above information and your contact information is transmitted to us and we will contact you as soon as possible to set up the appointment.