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Custom and Affordable You Can Have Both

You hear ‘custom’ and you think expensive, right? Well, that’s not always true. At, we offer beautiful custom vanity tops in a wide variety of colors and materials that will suit your space, your taste and your budget. Custom and affordable are not mutually exclusive. So you don’t have to break the bank to get a beautiful, custom vanity top. Finally – no more settling.

If you’ve been putting off redoing that bathroom because you’ve been saving up to make sure it turns out exactly how you want it, put it back on your to do list. With you can choose from a wide range of styles, colors and materials to customize your space.

You can choose a contemporary quartz style from Hanstone or Quartzforms, a European look with Luxa porcelain, the beauty of sustainable Curava recycled glass surfaces, or natural stone from a huge selection of remnants in granite, soapstone, quartzite and marble.

We have no doubt you’ll find options you love that will make your bathroom a space that is uniquely yours and within your budget. And we make installation easy for you, too. We offer options that give you flexibility.

  • We can do it all for you without you ever needing to leave the comfort of your home. Contact us to set up an appointment so we can take in-home measurements, deliver your new Custom Vanity Top, install it, and even remove your old vanity top. Concierge service from start to finish.


  • You can opt to install your Custom Vanity Top yourself. You can set up an online meeting and we’ll help you take the final measurements. When it’s ready you can choose to pick up your Custom Vanity Top, or we can deliver it to your home. You’ll receive additional savings if you choose to do it yourself.

Now that you know custom and affordable are not mutually exclusive, imagine how great your custom vanity top will look! Visit and get started on your new bathroom makeover today. It’s time.